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Visa Services 



Visa Services

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Visa Services 

Visa Processing

Commonly asked questions about our visa services.

How do you accept payments ?

Payments can be made via our company PayPal link. PayPal accepts all major credits such as Visa and Mastercard.

What is needed to start the visa process?

Clients will need to contact us via email and inform us on the type of visa that they would like to acquire. We will provide you with a list of information and documents required to obtain your visa.  

Where will can I receive my visa?

We will only be able to forward your visa and passport to the US address listed on the application you provided to our company 

What are the cost involved to receive my visa?

Subscription payments can only be used for attestation/ authentication / Apostille purposes. Subscription plans must be used within a month or they will expire.

Are their group or company discounts? 

Subscription  plans are primarily only for company use. However, companies may authorize employees to use the subscription plan discount by providing the company authorization code.