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SAT, Business English Online training Courses

AT INC2, we offer professional online training services for students seeking to take the IELTS, SAT or TOFEL exam. Our services are entirely online. You can be rest assured that you will be taught by highly qualified teachers who are specialized in the exams you are planning to take in the future.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started ?

Click on the link and contact an agent to discuss your goals as it relates to the course that you are interested in.

What type of students take your courses?

We normally attract students who are seeking to improve their English skills. Moreover, we also have individuals who are seeking knowledge on how to pass various college entrance exams, such as the IELTS, ACT or TOFEL.

What online platforms do you use ?

We normally use Skype and Zoom .

What type of payment methods do you accept)?

We accept payments via PayPal. 

Courses are held monthly. There will be  2 classes a week.  Each class session will be 50 minutes 

Tofel /IELTS


1 month course 

* TOFEL/ IELTS focuses on reading writing and listening 

Business English


1 month course 

Business lessons focuses on a one month course tailored to your own career goals 



1 month course 

*Focuses on preparation courses for the ACT or SAT 

General English


1 month course 

*Focuses on daily English courses which can be tailored to your own specific goals 

Take advantage of our discounted trial on any of our courses: 
One 30 minute introduction lesson for only (30 usd) .
Choose one from any of the following:
c.Business English
f.General English